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God Wants You Well (G. Copeland)

God Wants You Well

"Faith doesn’t care what the size of the mountain is, whether it’s a headache or cancer. Faith knows no difference because faith just brings the power of God." —Gloria Copeland

Healing isn’t a magic pill handed out like a reward to good Christians. It’s your property! Jesus bore sickness and disease on the cross and bought healing for you. It has your name written all over it, because He wants you well and living soundly in every area of your life.

Join Gloria Copeland as she explores the Word of God concerning healing and you’ll discover it truly is God’s nature and will not just to heal you, but for you to live in divine health. It’s time to settle once and for all that God Wants You Well!

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Healing and Love (K. Copeland)
2002 Dallas Youth Miracle Crusade

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