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The Real Reason Why Christians Are Sick

The Real Reason Why Christians Are Sick

In this ebook, Gordon Lindsay shares insights on why Christians are sick and how they may get well. You will discover:

  1. Sickness Versus Health and Prosperity
  2. Should Christians Be Sick?
  3. Why Are Christians Sick?
  4. Discerning the Body of Christ
  5. Christ’s Body Was Given for All Believers
  6. Not of His Body?
  7. Sin in the Body
  8. Sickness as Discipline
  9. Sickness as Judgment
  10. Satan’s Desire for a Body
  11. Care of the Body—Eating “Worthily”
  12. Care of the Body—Rest
  13. The Body Is the Temple of the Lord
  14. Members of One Body
  15. Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh
  16. Christ Is the Head
  17. Prayer and Fasting

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