Releasing the Prayer Anointing

The bestselling author of Could You Not Tarry One Hour? reveals exciting new insights into Jesus' model prayer that will create a newfound joy in personal prayer. Releasing the Prayer Anointing offers you proven steps for a more consistent prayer life and shows you how to experience the miracle of answered prayer on a daily basis.

Lea has helped thousands make prayer a priority in their lives as they learned how to pray more effectively. Now Releasing the Prayer Anointing allows you to experience a new level of personal and intercessory prayer through

• Personal prayer: receiving the revelation, developing intimacy with God, and experiencing powerful life changes as you learn to walk in His ways.
• Power prayer: fulfilling your destiny and calling in the Lord, becoming an effective leader in prayer and deed, and warring against principalities and powers in spiritual places.
• Prevailing prayer: worshiping God in spirit and truth, interceding for others, and proclaiming praises as a spiritual priest before a holy Lord.

Releasing the Prayer Anointing is a practical step-by-step guide to going deeper and further in your prayer life.

"Larry Lea's enthusiasm and insights on prayer have blessed multitudes in the past, but the best is yet to come. Releasing the Prayer Anointing is destined to provide a mighty power boost to the prayer movement of the future."—C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

Experience the power of anointed prayer!

Dr. Larry Lea taught you six dynamic principles of effective prayer in the best-selling book Could You Not Tarry One Hour? Now Releasing the Prayer Anointing takes you a step further on the journey to spiritually effective and intimate prayer.

If prayer has been a struggle or you feel that there's more to prayer than you've experienced, let Dr. Larry Lea lead you into a more dynamic pattern of prayer and praise. Seven principles of prayer are explained—principles that will help you experience a deeper prayer anointing and discover the joy of answered prayer every day of your life.

Lea says, "As you hold this book in your hands, you are poised at the borders of a new, supernatural realm that will totally revolutionize your life. The purpose of this book is to guide you to the prayer level you seek, explain what it takes to function there, and then release the prayer anointing upon you."

Releasing the Prayer Anointing is a powerful tool for understanding and applying principles of prayer that enable you to hear God's voice, do His work, and walk in His ways.

"This book did not fall into your hands by accident," says Lea. "Your heavenly Father heard the cry of your soul for intimacy with Him and saw your desire to pray effectively." Releasing the Prayer Anointing offers dynamic principles for drawing closer to God and seeing His power transform your life.

Also included is a special gift coupon for a free cassette that enables you to be led in personal prayer by Larry Lea, using the prayer model outlined in Releasing the Prayer Anointing.

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