Belial: The Wicked Ruler

One of the most wicked and vile spirits in the kingdom of darkness is the spirit of Belial. He is a world ruler of wickedness, an end-time spirit assigned to corrupt the earth, who desires immorality and ungodliness to reign without any restraint.

Belial desires to murder and destroy the Lord's anointed. He is a strongman that attacks ministers and churches. Belial's work is to draw individuals and nations into such abominable sins that it will bring the curse and judgment of God. In accomplishing this evil plan, there arc a host of demons that operate under his command that we will discuss in this book.

It is important to intercede against Belial's work. The Lord is raising up intercessors and preachers to come against this spirit in the last days. But we must, and will, attack Belial in the power of the Spirit - wearing the whole armor of God!

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